Things Frankie Loves!!

I love a bunch of things, but in the top of my list are my family and my friends.


So I will make a top 20 of my favorite things in the world.

1. Monsters: Favorite one, Frankenstein

2. Horror Movies: Favorite one, Silent of the lambs

3. Skulls: Favorite one, Catrina.

4. Tattoos: Favorite Style, Old School

5. Nerds: Favorite one, Sheldon Cooper

6. Music: Favorite Bands, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, A perfect Circle

7. Books: Favorite One, Carrie By Stephen King.

8. Horror tales: Favorite one, Buried Alive By Edgar Allan Poe

9. Dragonflies: Favorite specie,  Calopteryx virgo meridionalis

10. Rabbits: Favorite one, My Pet his name is Twinkie he actually is a Hare no a common rabbit.

11. Dogs: Favorite: Pug

12. Ice Cream: Favorite Flavor, Chocolate with chocolate sprinkles

13. Colors: Favorite one, Fuchsia

14. Photography: Favorite Style, Nature

15. Modeling: Favorite Style, Alternative

16. Make up: Favorite Line: Channel

17. The Simpsons: Favorite chapter, Lisa’s first word

18. Cats: Favorite, Bengal

19. Halloween!! Favorite Custome, Sexy Tanned Barbie Doll

20. Dolls and Creepy Dolls: Favorite doll, Barbie; Favorite Creepy Doll, Living dead Dolls


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