Things Frankie Hates!!

I’m not really a hater person but there are some things that I don’t like, and I can not stand and some of them piss me off!

So here is the list of the top 10 things I hate.

1. Neo Nazis, nothing worst that lame, plain, sad, ridiculous Neo Nazis!!

2. Drama Queen!! Come girls, it hideous when you make a Drama for everything!!

3. Racism: Come on! grow up, learn to be tolerant, learn to appreciate people for who they are, no for how they look from the outside.

4. Wolves in sheep costume, I really hate when persons try to be perfects, smiley, nice, humble and in the inside they are just haters and terrible persons.

5. haters and Envious: Those persons that don’t have anything better to do, than bother the others! Get a Life!!

6. Hate: I hate hate!! Theres to many things to love, to be hating!!

7. Bullying: Bullying really piss me off!! if your a bully go to psychologist something is wrong with you!

8. Child Aggression/abuse:  PISS ME OFF!!!

9.Animal cruelty:  PISS ME OFF!!

10. Elder abuse: PISS ME OFF !!


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