My Real Name is Adriana but in the modeling world I’m better Known as Frankie Canibal, yes I Know that my model name is a little bit different from the others but since I’m an alternative model I wanted a name that can be different but at the same time a name the people won’t forget easily. Frankie Canibal is a mix of two of my favorite things, the first one (Frankie) it is for Frankenstein my fav monster ever!! And the second one (canibal in spanish) it is for my fav movie and serial Killer Hannibal Lecter, so there is the meaning of my model name!

I Started to model on April, 2011 I made a photo shoot to shut up some rumors about that I never going to be a model and to prove myself that I can do it, also I made it because I wanted a nice photo shoot of me, well I did my first photo set and it was pretty good, when I saw the good critics that I was having at that time, I decided to sent my new professional photos to a Nekronos & Mutilador Model Directory (Mexican alternative Model Agency)  and they accepted them and they gave me all their love and support!!

When My photos were shown on Nekronos I was so happy, since I was sixteen I wanted to model but at that time I didn’t had the guts to do it, and  Nekronos gave me the chance to make my dream come true and that’s what I did! so thank you so much Nekronos opened  me the doors to the model industry!

After of been in Nekronos I saw that the people support me and wanted to see more of my work as a model so I started to make new photo sets and the people loved them, so I got modeling pretty serious because  I realized I have the potential to become in a model and making come true my golden dream.  Then some modeling places give the chance to show my work as a model, like Car Kulture Deluxe Magazine, Modified Dolls, The Alternative Model Directory, Pin Up Doll,  Plus size, rockabilly and vintage gals, Plus Size is Pretty, Chromjuwelen Magazin (Germany), Art of Pin Up, pin Up Post, Fuck Yeah Pin Ups Girls, Inked Dolls, and many more.

Now I’m an official Model for Metal Girls in Action (Mexico), and For Disciple Dolls (E.E.U.U) affiliated  with Reverend Havoc.

Many people have told me that I have many good posses, lots of face expressions and that I look very comfortable in front in the camera, that’s because my Father is an empirical photographer and a very experienced one  and since I was a little girl he took me a bunch of  pics,  so at a pretty young age I lost the fear to be in front of the camera and he showed me so many things about how to work my body and my face to look alive, not like a dead pretty doll!

So basically this is my modeling bio, Thanks for reading!!

If you want to hire me, collaborate with me, contact me for charity, merchandise for clothing line, bands, accessories, feel free to fill out the contact form and I will reply  you as soon as I can.


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